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Personal Training

What is personal dog training?

Instead of paying for classes or a private trainer to give you homework, we do it for you.  Our certified professional dog trainer teaches your dog the skills you want and need for a satisfying relationship, such as coming when called, or walking nicely on leash. After training your dog we meet with you in your home, to transfer your dog’s new skills into your hands.

Why have us train your dog for you?

We are trained professionals. We can teach your dog manners quickly and effectively because that’s what we do: train dogs! Our experience training dogs of all different breeds, ages and temperaments allows us to build a training program customized to your goals, so you get the long-lasting results you need.

What can we help you with?

We can teach your dog not to pull on leash, but instead to walk nicely beside you. We can teach your dog to stop lunging at other dogs, cats, squirrels, trucks or people. We can teach your dog basic obedience, such as coming when called, sit, down, stand, and stay.  We can teach your dog to be more tolerant of grooming, such as brushing, nail trims, and teeth brushing.  We can teach your dogs fun party tricks, such as spinning, high 5, playing dead, speak, roll over, etc… We can work on skills for dog sports, such as rally, agility, freestyle and competitive obedience with your dog. Whatever your training goals, we will help you meet them.

Why is personal training good for your dog?

Personal training gives your dog the opportunity to work with a professional trainer, so they learn the skills you are looking for quickly and thoroughly.

Personal training is available in two ways; home school and board-n-train.

What is home school?
Home school is board-n-train without the boarding. We work on training your dog while you work, take care of the kids or get things checked off your to do list. The end of each week brings a wrap-up meeting to transfer your dog’s new behaviors to you.

What is board-n-train?
Your dog is invited to live with our professional trainer and be trained throughout the day in a loving home environment.

This program is great for busy owners with new puppies and dogs to get started off on the right foot quickly. And if you are going on vacation anyway, why not come home to a well-trained dog?

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