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"It has been my pleasure to know Jenn McKay and to have had her in my training classes as first a student and later as an assistant helping others train their dogs. Jenn is knowledgeable, compassionate and has a true gift when it comes to interacting with animals. She treats the client’s pets as if they were her own and I would have her care for my dogs anytime. In a field that sometimes lacks experience, Jenn McKay stands out as a true professional." Paul J. Emerson, CPDT, Certified Trainer & Behavior Consultant, AKC CGC Evaluator, Member A.P.D.T

"I strongly recommend Jenn McKay as a pet sitter. She's reliable, extremely knowledgeable about animal behavior, and she takes the job seriously. She takes care of my dogs when I'm away and I know they are in good hands and that I don't have to worry about them as she dotes on them as if they were her own. Jenn also cares for some of our humane society dogs and recently cared for a very delicate special needs dog and brought him to a level of health that helped him to become adopted. She has also cared for some of our dogs who have behavioral issues and has helped with training them. She has great insights as to what each dog needs in the way of training, nutrition, and exercise. I recommend Jenn to all our clients."   Shirley Moore, founder of Save A Dog, Inc., Sudbury, MA

"Jenn has a wealth of knowledge that continues to amaze me.  She has more experience with birds than I could ever imagine.  She has a kind heart and great ability with reading a dog's body language. I've seen the extent of her training with what she has accomplished with her own dogs over the last two years and it continues to impress me. She is responsible, reliable, and I would trust her with any of my dogs any day."  Casey Palmer, CVT, owner of Canine Existence, Littleton, MA

"Like many people our dogs are an important part of our family.  More than that, they have become constant companions since I was diagnosed with a chronic illness which keeps me at home with them.  I find it very difficult to leave them with anybody when we go away and having recently arrived in Boston from Australia we do not have our usual networks of contacts to help look after our dogs when we need to travel.  With a recent trip back to Australia planned I was very hesitant to go since I could not find a good option for my dogs.  I spent months researching online, asking vets and visiting kennels without much success.  I could not leave my dogs in any of the environments that I had seen - locked in small cages and let out 3 times a day for 15 mins at a time...this was the usual scenario at most places I visited.  Also, with one dog highly anxious and the other with digestive problems I did not feel that they would receive the extra care needed to manage these issues.  I was one step away from canceling the trip when I came across Jenn McKay's website.  I scheduled an interview with her and was very impressed straight away.  I liked that my dogs would be treated as part of her family and live/sleep in her house alongside her own dogs.  The huge yard (more like a park) with gorgeous old trees offered a wonderful environment for them to explore and enjoy ball/play times.  There was no '$10 extra for play times', '$20 extra for an individual play' etc that you find most 'doggy daycare' places offered.  Her approach is to look after your dog exactly as she does her own in a home environment with plenty of fresh air, exercise and love.  They receive plenty of attention from Jenn throughout the day, get to play ball at regular intervals in the yard and are only part of a very small number of dogs - she won't take on many dogs at a time.  Jenn has a natural and uncanny ability to understand dog behaviours and treats each dog individually according to its needs.  I was very happy to receive videos of my dogs playing while I was away and could see from the way they were acting that they were happy and well cared for.  In fact we now call it 'Jenn camp' because they arrived back to us (yes Jenn even picked them up and dropped off in the middle of Boston) like a couple of kids home from camp...very happy and healthy.  I can't say enough about Jenn and her 'home boarding' option (I am not easily impressed and as you can probably tell was thrilled with the level of care my dogs received)....you can see she is an animal lover who's life is geared around her animals - this isn't your usual 'money-making' kennel - for her it's a way of life..." Kelly Wodetzki, Boston, MA

"I can't say enough great things about Jenn and the crew at Canine Aspirations. Being away from our dog is the most anxiety-producing part of traveling and we have searched throughout New England looking for a dog boarder who meets our high standards. Jenn McKay is the first who we feel completely comfortable with. Her knowledge and love for dogs is paralleled only by the professionalism in which she runs her business. The piece of mind that we get knowing that our dog is in good hands everytime he stays with Jenn is truly invaluable. If you are looking for a responsible, trustworthy, and all-around amazing caretaker for your four-legged friend, look no further than Canine Aspirations!"  Andrew Root, Boston, MA

"I have known Jenn McKay for several years and have the ultimate confidence in her when caring for all animals.  She is talented, knowledgeable and has a very calm presence that is the key to providing exceptional care for our furry (feathered, scaled, etc)  friends!" Lisa Bilozur, Littleton, MA

'I recently met Jenn when I sought dog walking services for my two rescues (dogs).  I was very impressed with her professionalism, honesty and knowledge on dog behavior.  While I have not had a chance to work with her a lot, I would not hesitate to call her again.  Trust is paramount and for me to be able to say I trust her with my dogs and in my home so quickly, says a lot.  She made every effort to learn about each dog’s needs, wants and patterns – she understands that dogs are social animals with unique personalities and honors this."  Sarah Conroy, Lewiston, ME

"My husband and I had just moved to Maine, and didn't know anyone who could groom or board our two cockatiels, when we discovered Jenn. She came right to our house and did a wonderful job with handling the birds and clipping their wings -- we would happily use her again, both for grooming and for boarding. She has also been a really valuable resource for information and training for our two dogs. We recommend her to anyone -- your animals are in great hands with Jenn!" Kathy Hawkins, Gray, ME,

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