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Home Turf Hikes

What do Home Turf Hikes do for you?

Just like all of our daily services, Home Turf Hikes, our private walks give your dog something to do while you are busy with your life.  When you come from work, your dog will be calm and ready to relax with you after a long day of work.

What do they do for your dog?

Home Turf Hikes give your dog an opportunity to get outside, stretch his legs, smell the flowers and  have a potty break. 

Who are Home Turf Hikes good for?

Home Turf Hikes are perfect for mellow adults, dogs with special needs or any dog that would benefit from one-on-one attention.

What happens during a Home Turf Hikes?

We will come to your home and take your dog for a private walk in your neighborhood.  We will also motivate and reinforce your dog for his polite leash walking manners.

When do Home Turf Hikes occur?

Home Turf Hikes occur between 10-4pm Monday thru Friday.  Dog walks are 25 or 40 minutes in length. 

How much does it cost?

25 min walks are $20 for one dog
40 min walks are $30 for one dog 

We do offer a discount for multiple dog families

Currently we do not have any availability for new Home Turf Hike clients (3/10/16)

Email for more information on our private walks

Home Turf Hikes are available in the towns of Boylston, West Boylston, Hudson, Berlin, Clinton, 
Bolton, Northborough, and Shrewsbury, MA

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