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Rompin' Rovers

What do Canine Aspirations’ Rompin' Rovers playgroups do for you?

Just like all of our daily services, Rompin' Rovers playgroups keep your dog busy during the day while you are busy with your life.  When you come from work, your dog will be calm and ready to relax with you in front of the TV.

What do Rompin' Rovers playgroups do for your dog?

Rompin' Rovers playgroups are great for social, small and medium sized young adult dogs that love to run, play and wrestle with other dogs and like going for car rides! 

Who qualifies for playgroups?

Dogs that love to play with other dogs and are under 50lbs are eligible for our Rompin' Rovers playgroups.  An interview is required to see if our playgroups are a good match for your pup. 

What happens during Rompin' Rovers playgroups?

We will come pick up your dog at your home and bring him and up to 6 of his friends to a large, private fenced in yard.  Dogs get to play for a minimum of 90 mins and are then we drive your dog and his friends back home.  We do also have a smaller indoor space available for playing during inclement weather. 

When do Rompin' Rovers playgroups occur?

We have AM playgroups that run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We pick your dog up between 9:00-11am at your home and then return them after the playgroup (usually between 12:45 - 2:45pm).

How much does it cost?

AM playgroups are $40-50/day depending on your location

As of February 2021, we are currently accepting new clients after a successful interview.

Email for more information

Our current playgroup route is accepting new clients in the towns of Hudson, Berlin, Bolton, Stow, Northborough, & Shrewsbury.

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